Investment capability

Investment capability

As a VINCI group company, VINCI Airports can count on the financial strength, economic backing and investment capability of a major corporation.

Underpinned by solid fundamentals

The VINCI group reported revenue of €38.5 billion for 2015, with net income of €3.7 billion. This level of economic and financial stability underpins the trust that shareholders, employees and partners place in the Group.

Investing for the long term

A private sector business, the VINCI group harnesses its powerful performance to serve the needs of urban and regional development.

Its integrated construction-concessions business model allows VINCI to successfully manage the short-term challenges of its business with the long-term goals of the project being delivered. For example, VINCI is committed to a 55-year concession to deliver the Future Grand Ouest Airport project in Nantes. This long-term investment is built on mutual trust between the company and its local partners (local authorities, councillors, residents, etc.).

Believing in innovative projects

In 2011, VINCI Concessions invested more than €3.4 billion in new project development. This ability to fund major projects at a time of economic uncertainty underlines VINCI’s expertise and credibility as a preferred public sector infrastructure development partner. This credibility has been highlighted when the Portuguese government selected the Group to acquire ANA, the company that holds the 50-year concession to operate 10 airports in Portugal.