VINCI Airports 13.11.2019

Inauguration of the reconfigured runway at Saint-Nazaire Montoir airport

Saint-Nazaire Montoir airport, operated by VINCI Airports since 2011, today inaugurated its reconfigured runway after substantial consolidation and adaptation works. The entirely upgraded runway can now be used by the Beluga XL, a large-capacity freight plane and cornerstone of Airbus’s logistics chain.

The €15 million investment will help to develop Airbus’s business and support the economic momentum of the local aviation industry, which is the most important business in the Pays de la Loire region.
The project, executed by Eurovia’s local division, consisted of:
-     consolidating and adapting the runway and access road for use by the bigger Beluga XL;
-     increasing the size of the apron to accommodate the freight plane;
-     upgrading and adapting the lighting by installing LEDs, which have a better environmental performance.
The runway reconfiguration was part of an environmental approach shared by Airbus and the works companies. It was also part of VINCI Airports’ overall AirPact programme aimed at managing and reducing its environmental impacts.