Exploitation 13.01.2015

Madeira Airport with record passenger numbers in 2014

In 2014, Madeira registered over 2 459 793 commercial passengers, an absolute record for this airport. The highest previous total was 2 446 924 passengers in 2008. This outcome occurs in the end of the first full financial year after ANA’s privatization and acquisition by VINCI Airports.

The values achieved in 2014 represent an increase of about 3.7% compared to 2013 and they were largely influenced by positive performances by its top 3 markets: Portugal, the UK and Germany which collectively make up 75% of total traffic. The French and Polish market also did very well, especially the latter which opened 3 new routes during the 2014 IATA summer period.

In 2014, TAP remained the airline which transported the most passengers to Madeira Airport, up 2% year on year. However, two low cost companies, easyjet and transavia, made decisive contributions to 2014 results with 70 000 more passengers than in 2013.

Porto Santo had 107 626 commercial passengers, an 11% year on year increase. This was mostly due to a consolidation of existing flights to the UK and Italy, and the introduction of new routes from Dusseldorf, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid.