One team working together

One team working together

VINCI Airports ensures that relations with employees, and their health and safety, are top priorities. This responsibility to employees is entirely consistent with VINCI’s core values, for which respect for people and ethical principles are a central concern.

Respecting ethical principles

The VINCI group is committed to continuously raising its levels of ethical conduct and transparency, which underpin its trust-based relationship with employees and customers. This is essential given that VINCI Airports is a major player in the airports industry. As such the Group has unified all of its rules for employee conduct and good practice into a single ethics charter. These fundamental principles are based on respect for people and the law, and the need to combat corruption and prevent conflicts of interest.

Employees may view this charter at any time. Each company department is structured to ensure that everyone respects these rules, with compliance checked by an internal auditing procedure. 

Towards zero accidents

A target of zero accidents has been set by VINCI Airports in its efforts to minimise the frequency and severity of occupational accidents. Managers at every level are kept fully informed about the issue, and are directly involved in the guidance, implementation and supervision of accident prevention policies. Safety is always the absolute priority for VINCI’s employees, partners and subcontractors.

Measures to reduce risks

Several resources have been dedicated towards ensuring safety. In terms of prevention, these involve evaluating workplace risks and preparing a formal and tailored action plan, backed up by employee training in safety procedures.

Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with occupational physicians and Health, Safety and Working Conditions committees (CHSCTs) is also central to the accident prevention process, alongside implementation of prevention initiatives, such as poster campaigns and safety datasheets.

Accident frequency and severity rate indicators for employees and subcontractors are analysed quarterly at management committee meetings.

Lastly, preventive regulatory inspections are conducted regularly to verify that the VINCI Airports accident prevention policy is being properly applied. 

Let’s talk about employee relations

The quality of employee relations is another important driver of overall company performance. VINCI Airports is proud of its commitment to promoting active dialogue with employee representative bodies, which it considers to be genuine partners in achieving the Group’s financial and social goals.