Passenger satisfaction​

Passenger satisfaction​

Passenger satisfaction is an absolute priority for VINCI Airports. VINCI Airports conducts regular customer quality surveys and research as part of ensuring customer well-being and providing the feedback required for continuous improvement of its services.

Overall customer satisfaction

Every year since 2002, Nantes Atlantique airport has conducted a passenger satisfaction survey. This two-part survey gathers the opinions of approximately 1,000 passengers each year. In 2012, the survey revealed that more than 95.5% of passengers were satisfied with the airport infrastructure and services provided by VINCI Airports. Nearly a third of these were ‘very satisfied’ and awarded VINCI Airports the highest-possible rating. 

These excellent outcomes are corroborated by a survey conducted by the BVA research organisation in 2012 among departures passengers at Rennes Bretagne that showed that 92.2% were satisfied with their airport experience. That figure rises to 95.3% for passengers using Nantes Atlantique airport.

Listening to passengers

The survey highlights what airline passengers care about most when using airports. Accessibility, staff hospitality, calm surroundings, airport cleanliness and the time taken to reach boarding gatestopped the list of passenger requirements. Ease of travel to and from the airport is another key concern.

It also emerged that passengers would appreciate WiFi access, so VINCI Airports has taken the decision to provide free WiFi connection in all its airports over the coming months.

Meeting and greeting: 'Smiling Day'

To encourage conversations and interaction between passengers and all the staff who work in its airports, VINCI Airports regularly conducts meet-and-greet campaigns as part of its ‘Smiling Day’ initiative.

“The aim is to promote contact between airport customers and partners, which in straightforward terms means talking to passengers about problems they experience, their requirements, and the ideas they have,” explains Christiane Jenny, Marketing Director at Nantes Airport and the originator of the Smiling concept.

These conversations take place over coffee and cakes: “It’s a good way of helping infrequent travellers to relax a little. This type of event is very good at giving the airport a human face,” continues Jean-Louis Bouquet, Land Use Project Manager of the future Grand Ouest airport.

Their colleagues share their enthusiasm. Angéline from the Purchasing Department says that: “My job doesn’t necessarily bring me into contact with passengers, so this campaign allows me to go out and meet them in what is a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere!”

It seems that passengers very much appreciate receiving such a welcome on arrival at the airport.  “It’s amazing, said one retired couple in the departures lounge at Nantes Atlantique. “We’ve received a fabulous welcome. 

The event has proved equally successful at Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne. “It’s a very friendly welcome, and you don’t often get the opportunity to chat like that these days,” said one passenger. “It makes travelling so much more pleasant. The moment we arrived at the airport, we were met with big smiles. It’s that sort of thing that makes you feel like coming back.”

For the fifth edition and after such a success, "Smiling Day"2016 was organised in 24 VINCI Airports facilities in France, Cambodia and Portugal.

As part of the event, more than 970 employees were mobilized on platforms greeting more than 132,000 passengers, at departure and upon the arrival of more than 1070 flights.