Working hand-in-hand with airlines

Working hand-in-hand with airlines

In order to prepare effectively for the on-site arrival of a new airline at an airport operated by VINCI Airports, as well as to answer the questions new partners inevitably have, VINCI Airports conducts a range of local market studies and surveys.

Airlines can be sure to have all the information they need about the potential of the markets that surround airports operated by VINCI Airports.

Our strategic positioning studies

VINCI Airports conducts strategic studies that form the basis for developing a long-term strategy for its airports.  These studies examine the features of competitor airports, their market positioning, and the alternative modes of travel available to users (sea routes, motorways, rail, etc.).

Our airport market surveys

To understand the potential offered by each of its airports in terms of passenger numbers, destinations and air travel demand, VINCI Airports conducts surveys to identify the region’s specific demographics (age, ethnicity, socio-professional category, etc.) and traveller profiles (business and leisure travellers).

VINCI Airports also investigates airport catchment areas (footprint, population, number and type of companies, etc.), traffic profiles (destinations, seasonality, migratory flows, etc.) and the historic performance of routes.

Lastly, VINCI Airports conducts surveys to quantify the economic potential of its airports in terms of the regional economy, tourism, second homes, etc.

These surveys all contribute towards identifying the feasibility and attractiveness of opening new routes. They also help airlines to understand market conditions in individual regions, backed up by traffic forecasts and details of potential market opportunities.