Air connectivity

Development of air connectivity is key to the value creation objectives of VINCI Airports, which takes a proactive approach in partnership with the airline companies.

Thanks to its dynamic aviation marketing teams, its methodology based on data and its fast-growing network, VINCI Airports can work closely with airlines and local tourism stakeholders to open up new routes, increase the number of travellers and ensure sustainable development of its airport.

Key figures

airline company partners

Ongoing dialogue with airlines and local tourism stakeholders

Aviation marketing, a crucial tool for traffic development, is one of the keys to VINCI Airports' success. The international network of head office experts and local development teams work in close collaboration with more than 250 partner airlines to identify potential new routes and encourage sustainable growth of traffic. Two-figure traffic growth in many of the network's airports clearly illustrates this expertise. Forging good relations with the airline companies, based on trust and credibility, is one of the keys to success: VINCI Airports understands their needs and perspectives and provides data, forecasts and analysis to let them make enlightened decisions. VINCI Airports teams work tirelessly to encourage airlines to open up new routes and works with local economic stakeholders and travel companies to guarantee their success.

Predictive studies to identify the best opportunities

VINCI Airports relies on a sophisticated methodology to generate traffic forecasts meeting the highest industry standards. Nourished by the density of its network and the variety of airports making it up, this wealth of knowledge allows VINCI Airports to develop precise, reliable and immediately operational analyses. They are regularly supplemented by field studies carried out locally and ad-hoc studies to assess the potential of each of the different route-opening options. These preliminary studies enable VINCI Airports to fine-tune its understanding of the market and work proactively with airline companies by proposing concrete case studies to encourage the opening of new routes.