Cruzeiro do Sul airport

Cruzeiro do Sul airport integrated VINCI Airports network in January 2022 under a 30-year concession contract awarded by Brazilian civil aviation in April 2021.
The westernmost airport in Brazil, the airport of Cruzeiro do Sul is the most important tourist and economic hub in the interior of Acre. The terminal is about 15 km from the city centre and is essential for its supply. The airport is an important link between the cities in western Acre and the capital.
Cruzeiro do Sul is on the Juruá River and is the second most populous city in Acre. Fondly called the "little princess" of the Juruá region, Cruzeiro do Sul has many well-preserved natural landscapes and the influence of the indigenous and riverine cultures. Some of the most famous attractions are the Croa River tour, the Nossa Senhora da Glória Cathedral and the Serra do Divisor National Park, a conservation unit with rich biodiversity.

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