Porto Santo airport

Located 5 minutes from the city center of Porto Santo, on Madeira archipelago, Porto Santo airport is a modern airport mainly concerned by touristic traffic. In 2018, Porto Santo Airport welcomed 164 000 passengers.

In 2023, Porto Santo Airport obtained ACA 4+ certification, the highest in the ACI’s environmental assessment programme. VINCI Airports received this environmental certification for all airports in Portugal, becoming the first country in the European Union to have its entire airport system (10 airports) certified ACA 4+. This certification recognises that airports have fully accounted and reported direct and indirect CO2 emissions related to their activities and operations, have significantly reduced their direct emissions, offset their residual direct emissions and started to reduce their indirect emissions.

Key figures

  • 164.603
    passengers in 2018
  • 2.827
    movements in 2018
  • 2

3 airlines

  • AeroVip
  • Binter
  • TAP Portugal

2 restaurants and cafés

  • Go to Coffee
  • Specially

2 stores

  • Isle of Senses
  • Magia das Cores

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