AirPact, a global framework for environmental sustainability

VINCI Airports has defined a global environmental strategy for all its airports in the knowledge that such strategies are essential for long-term competitiveness.

“Reducing energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions in our airports is one of the main targets of our environment policy. ”

Nicolas Notebaert
Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Concessions & Chairman of VINCI Airports

A strategy shared by all airports operated by VINCI Airports

As the first in its industry to announce such an ambition, VINCI Airports developed its Air Pact global environmental strategy in 2015. This strategy sets 4 demanding commitments for the period to 2020, while leaving individual airports a high level of flexibility in implementing it thanks to the Performance Improvement Program. The central challenge is to establish a VINCI Airports Label that will introduce a set of standards common to all the airports managed by the company, despite the fact that regulations vary greatly from country to country. 

The 4 shared goals defined in 2015

  • To obtain and maintain ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) for all airports;

  • To reduce VINCI Airports energy intensity by 20% between now and 2020 (compared with 2013 levels);

  • To conduct survey on biodiversity issues for all airports;

  • To obtain ISO 14 001 certification for all airports


A strategy designed by and for our airports

In order to respond to their individual needs and constraints, the VINCI Airports environmental strategy was developed with input from all airports at the design stage and onwards. All the airport Environment managers contributed to the working group meetings held during 2015 to define:

  • the shared performance improvement program

  • the shared assessment program

The 7 areas covered by the performance improvement program

  • energy and greenhouse gas emissions

  • water consumption

  • waste management

  • noise

  • biodiversity

  • environmental impact prevention and reduction

  • implementation of an environmental management system


VINCI Airports' commitment to the international ACA programme

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