A global operator

Being a concession holder and operator, VINCI Airports is committed long term to develop the airports entrusted to it and to ensure that they play their role as a sustainable economic engine in their regions.

A long term commitment

Being a concession holder and operator, VINCI Airports is committed each day at each airport in the field as well as over the long term, typicall for several decades.
As longtime investor, the company seeks to sustainably develop each airport, possible only through the pursuit of growth opportunities tailored to each region's economic, social and cultural conditions.
VINCI Airports is aware of the important role an airport plays in its region and works in partnership with delegating authorities and the local community at each platform.

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The resources of an integrated model

VINCI Airports' model seeks to apply its cutting-edge expertise to unleash the growth potential of the assets entrusted to it. Its expertise in this area is drawn from operational experience that provides a perspective unique to the profession. Air traffic development and work on non-aviation revenues ate two essential levers. The ability to anticipate and control necessary infrastructure investment is another fundamental growth factor. VINCI Airports is also creating innovative services that enhance the passenger experience.

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Airports operated by VINCI Airports power sustainable regional economies

VINCI Airports contributes to the local-level development of the regions in which it operates by optimizing airport activities on a daily basis, while paying close attention to tailoring its investments to their local economic, cultural and social context over the long term. In addition to its expertise in developing air traffic and boosting revenue from non-air related businesses, and its ability to plan and manage the associated investment, VINCI Airports shows its commitment to regions by sharing its culture of joint development based on listening to its partners, engaging in dialogue and promoting consultation.

A bespoke approach

Because each airport is unique, VINCI Airports has developed a special approach of its own to help each airport adapt to its own challenges and opportunities. The decentralized culture of the company, which begins with the VINCI Group, gives each airport the flexibility required to respond appropriately to its own operational realities in the knowledge that it can rely on network support, if necessary. For example, the customer signage and furniture designed by VINCI Airports are available in a number of different ranges that enable each airport in the network to choose those individual items best suited to its own size and budget.

“If public authorities entrust management of their airports to us it is because we have demonstrated, project by project, our capacity to anticipate, finance and guide the investments required to create lasting value. ”

Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Concessions, Chairman of VINCI Airports