VINCI Airports 21.11.2019

400 spotters to discover airports behind-the-scenes, a new success for the VINCI Airports Spotters Day

Spotters Day is an event devised specifically for aviation fans, known as “spotters”, who visit airports all over the world and share their passion on social networks. After the first edition in 2018 that gathered 200 spotters, the 2019 Spotters Day has been even more international with 400 spotters, who were given an exclusive opportunity to discover behind-the-scenes activities and the technical skills and know-how deployed every day across our network.

22 airports in 10 different countries participated: Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Japan, Portugal, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and Serbia.
Spotters shared more than 1,000 pictures on social networks, spreading the magic of aviation throughout this vast international community and showcasing the positive contribution of airports to their territories.
Congratulations to all spotters and to the 2 winners of the photo challenge, who this year highlighted Las Américas (Dominican Republic) and Lisbon (Portugal) airports.