Sustainable development 14.12.2020

AERODOM inaugurates five charging stations for electric vehicles at Santo Domingo Airport

Dominican airports operated by VINCI Airports and AERODOM evolve to be more accessible to electric mobility thanks to the installation of the first five charging stations for electric vehicles at the International Airport of Las Américas.

The five new charging stations installed in the vehicle parking lot of the passenger terminal are compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and comply with the strictest safety regulations, allowing the drivers of these vehicles to make extra-urban journeys and facilitating their use in the tourism industry.
"AERODOM, with the support of our parent company VINCI Airports, is extremely sensitive to the problems of sustainable mobility and the reduction of the environmental impact of transport," said Mónika Infante Henríquez, CEO of AERODOM. “For this reason, we were the first company in the Caribbean to certify all of our airports under the international program for the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA), granted by the International Council of Airports for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI- LAC). These innovative charging stations that we inaugurate today together with Evergo reinforce our environmental commitment and we hope will promote the adoption of this technology in the tourism industry”.
The International Airport of Las Américas, José Francisco Peña Gómez has five charging stations for electric vehicles, under the Evergo platform. Four are level two charging stations, and one is level three, known as 'super fast' or 'fast charger', allowing a vehicle to be fully charged very quickly, and for some models in less than an hour.
The use of the charging stations is self-service, through a mobile application, available in the Apple Store and Google Play, through which the user can track their charge in real time, pay through a virtual wallet and have the map of the different stations, among other facilities.
The installation of these stations is in line with the environmental strategy developed by VINCI Airports throughout its network. The proposed improvements are also part of the customer service approach and the commitment to improve the passenger experience at the airports belonging to the network.
Las Americas International Airport, José Francisco Peña Gómez is the main air terminal in the Dominican Republic due to its location. Since the reopening of the Dominican borders on July 1, this airport has handled the largest number of flights and passengers in the Dominican Republic.