Traffic development 29.07.2017

Air traffic growth between Cambodia and China

Hainan Airlines steps up its presence at the 2 international airports and is adding new liaisons between Guangzhou and Phnom Penh & Siem Reap airports scheduled to start on July 26th & 28th.

The new services linking Guangzhou and Cambodia’s top 2 cities are on a 4 times and 3 times weekly basis. Passengers from China continue being key drivers for the growth at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports. For the first 6 months in 2017, traffics have increased by 20.35% and 20.73% respectively.

Éric Delobel, CEO of Cambodia Airports, said: “The influence of the Chinese market on our airport activities has been steadily gaining ground, both in terms of demand and supply. By year end, we may hit the 1-millon Chinese passenger mark at our airports. Also, we currently have 11 Chinese carriers operating in addition of 3 domestic airlines flying to/from Chinese cities where the number of inhabitants may total half or more of Cambodia’s global population.

This success also highlights the efforts of VINCI Airports' marketing teams to unleash the development potential of its airports by attracting new airlines and opening new routes.