Innovation 31.10.2021

ANA and VINCI Airports welcome Web Summit 21 in Lisbon with a new “biometric experience”

After a year in virtual format, it is with great satisfaction that Lisbon airport, operated by ANA and VINCI Airports, once again welcomes the majority of the 40,000 participants expected at Websummit 2021 between November 1 and 4. Websummit is the largest global reference event focused on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. On this occasion, ANA and VINCI Airports have launched the “Biometric Experience”, a pilot project that will provide Lisbon passengers flying to destinations inside and outside the EU, the opportunity to test a new contactless journey inside the terminal. After registering, passengers will proceed to a biometric reading, and at the boarding gate they will use only the biometric facial recognition, without the need to present again their boarding pass and identity document.

In partnership with SEF, the new process provides key benefits for all. It improves operational flexibility across Schengen and Non-Schengen flights to increase capacity and the passenger is provided more time to enjoy the airport services in the main departures area. The ”Biometric Experience” builds on the biometric expertise of VINCI Airports which launched in 2020 the world’s first end-to-end biometric assistant in 2020 at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport.
Since the last edition of Websummit, ANA/VINCI Airports has also been developing a package of innovative solutions that will contribute to the positive experience of WebSummit delegates. These new services include:
  • Improved passenger information with the launch of an automatic update service available on whatsapp, Facebook and website. If the passenger wants to know what his gate is, the start time of the boarding process or the restaurants that are open, ANA's Chatbot is available. The passenger can also find all information about the airport - accessibility, restrictions or operational rules - in an interactive way.
  • Increased health safety with the new digital platform - U-monitor - which records passenger feedback with real-time response through QR-code. The service has recently been rolled out across multiple service areas including parking and lounge to support the full journey. Of course it continues to support the safety of pasengers through the assessment ofcontactless solutions and use advanced disinfection system (e.g. UV technology for of the security X-ray trays). .
  • A dynamic system to track the aircraft carbon emissions based on taxi time and engine type among other variables. Driving the solution in a collaborative way the airport and the airlines, through the improved monitoring and focus have, together, reduced the carbon emissions.
We are already working on a number of new initiatives that will be ready to use for the Web Summit 22!
Beyond these innovative services, ANA/VINCI Airports has once again prepared and will provide a dedicated space with 30 accreditation desks for Conference participants, in the arrivals area of Lisbon Airport. This dedicated space will open on 30 October, from 6.30am to 11pm and until 3pm on 2 November, the day it closes.
Also regarding Sustainability area, another theme highlighted at Websummit, VINCI Airports will share some of their top initiatives in this subject. For that will be shared the “Positive Mobility” vision, in order to raise the delegates’ awareness about what ANA and VINCI Airports do for the environment.  ANA/VINCI airports are accredited in the voluntary carbon certification program of ACI – Europe: Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA). Currently all Portuguese airports are at ACA level 2 "reduction" and this year it is expected to apply for level 4, the highest level of this accreditation. Lisbon Airport achieved between 2018 and 2019 a reduction of its carbon emissions by about 25%, contributing to this reduction numerous such as, for example, replacement of conventional lighting by LED, placement of 96 charging points for low emission vehicles for passengers and employees, and also the ongoing renewal of its fleet for electric vehicles.  

Aaron Beeson, director of Innovation declared: "ANA/VINCI Airports are thrilled to welcome our partner the Web Summit back to our great city to explore the emerging trends and technologies that are shaping our society and airport environment. We look forward to welcoming all the innovative travellers and to exchange on their ideas and solutions to enhance our airports!"