Events 08.02.2019

Art is in the air at Salvador Bahia airport

The airport in Salvador de Bahia hosted the Art is in the Air exhibition organised by Brazilian artist Elano Passos in February.

This novel initiative involved reusing the boarding that had served to fence off the ongoing renovation works in various parts of the airport, as a medium for paintings and drawings depicting several of the State of Bahia’s cultural, architectural and natural landmarks. The paintings and drawings were made by Elano Passos and his fellow artists Ronald Lago and Alexandre Feliciano. The 25,000 passengers who travel through the airport each day enjoyed the new, cheerful and colourful look in the terminal.

More than 30 boards (each 2.20 x 1.10 metres) were peppered around the terminal during the exhibition, treating passengers to a fun break on their arrival or before their departure. This exhibition will travel around the airport in synch with the renovation works, fencing off the new worksites when they start up. It also captures something about this airport’s local flavour – which is one of VINCI Airports’ aims in the 45 airports it operates around the world.

Pictures © Will Recarey