Sustainable development 05.07.2018

Biodiversity: inauguration of the VINCI Airports and UNAF partnership “Bees, guardians of the environment”

VINCI Airports partners with the UNAF programme “Bees: guardians of the environment” by installing beehives at 7 French airports and by raising the awareness of passengers and airport actors about biodiversity issues, both in terms of the environment to be protected and the flora and fauna to be preserved.

This partnership will enable VINCI Airports to take a further step in its environmental policy initiated in 2016 and known as AirPact, a substantial part of which is devoted to preserving biodiversity.

Due to their size and environment, airports are places with real biodiversity potential. In fact, grasslands sometimes represent more than 70% of the total footprint of airport sites, and preserving this biodiversity while managing wildlife hazards is a priority for VINCI Airports. In order to exceed regulatory requirements in this area, we are rolling out a strategy to survey the biodiversity issues in each of VINCI Airports’ locations. This survey work will cover animal and plant species as well as grasslands, rainwater retention reservoirs and wooded areas. Other actions will make it possible to reduce the use of pesticides, to use alternative methods to manage bird strikes such as falconry, and to deploy plans to manage green spaces to maintain floral diversity for pollinators.

Once the biodiversity issues have been accurately identified, our ambition is to take steps to preserve it while also satisfying airport safety requirements, in particular in relation to the risk of bird strike. This will be achieved through partnerships with local environmental protection associations and neighbouring farmers, by the use of alternative methods to manage bird strike (falconry for example), or by the deployment of adapted plans to manage green spaces such as late mowing, to maintain floral diversity for pollinators.