VINCI Airports 18.04.2019

Brazil: Salvador Bahia Airport inaugurates its new boarding area

After officially taking the reins of Salvador Bahia airport in 2018 and announcing an ambitious renovation-extension plan of 600 million BRL, VINCI Airports unveils the new boarding area for domestic flights of Salvador Bahia airport. This inauguration is the first phase of the renovation and expansion of the airport launched in April 2018.

After going through pre-boarding inspection, where metal detectors and hand luggage x-ray are located, passengers will descend through the restricted area to access the boarding gates. In the course of the year, this area will include a commercial space of 2000 cubic meters bringing together shops and restaurants.

The escalators and elevators are located in a 780 sqm Duty Paid shop, which is currently at its final phase of renovation and will house international and national brands as well as regional products. The model is a walk-through type, like those present in other major airports around the world.

At the end of October, the boarding flow will be the same for domestic and international flights.