VINCI Airports 15.01.2021

In the Dominican Republic, VINCI Airports is equipping its airports with test laboratories to respond to the health crisis

AERODOM, a subsidiary of VINCI Airports in the Dominican Republic, has signed an agreement with the Dominican laboratory Amadita for the installation of screening laboratories in its six airports, from January 2021.

These laboratories, which will have the best equipment, will make it possible to take care of all passengers, but also pilots, cabin crews and airport staff. The first laboratory will be installed in Santo Domingo, making Las Américas Airport the first in the Caribbean to be equipped with such a laboratory. VINCI Airports thus reaffirms its desire to guarantee safe and optimal travel conditions for all its passengers.

In addition, VINCI Airports remains fully mobilized in favor of health and safety in the context of the resumption of air mobility. All health measures are part of the international "Protecting Each Other" campaign carried out by VINCI Airports at all of its airports. This campaign is based on health recommendations issued by the World Health Organization or United Nations agencies such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).