Events 19.11.2018

The first-ever VINCI Airports Spotters Day gathered 200 spotters across the world

On Saturday 17 November, the first VINCI Airports Spotters Day took place in 8 countries. This unique event gathered over 200 spotters, specially invited by VINCI Airports.

For the 200 influencers who visit airports all over the world to take the most beautiful photos, the event was a unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to the runways.
The VINCI Airports Spotters community was very excited to share this moment with our employees and partners and to discover what goes on behind the scenes in our airports.
It was the first event of this kind and received many positive reactions in all the countries where it took place: in Japan, Cambodia, France, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, UK and the Dominican Republic.
*Sunday 18 November for Rennes Airport