Sustainable development 10.01.2022

In France, St-Nazaire Montoir airport and the Brière Regional Natural Park renew their partnership for 2022

Launched in June 2021, with the aim of preserving biodiversity within the St-Nazaire Montoir airport, the first objective of the agreement signed with the natural Parc de Brière is to gain a better understanding of the species present on the platform and thus better preserve them. To this end, "avifauna" training has been provided by the Park's experts to the airport's 15 salaried firefighters and will be continued in 2022.

Another objective of this agreement is to develop a sustainable relationship between the St-Nazaire Montoir airport and the Brière Regional Natural Park for the implementation of projects in favor of biodiversity, both by limiting invasive plant species, such as Baccharis and Cape Razor, two exotic plants harmful to local biodiversity, and by safeguarding the Peucedan, a protected plant species present on the platform.
Finally, the Park will also advise the airport teams on maintenance practices for the rainwater retention basin, located near the Beluga parking area, in order to respect the natural rhythm of the species present in this basin: birds and insects.