Innovation 17.03.2021

Guanacaste Airport innovates with a powerful internet system in the terminal

VINCI Airports and Guanacaste Airport (Costa Rica) once again demonstrate actions to improve passenger experience thanks to the implementation of an innovative 1,000 Mbps wireless broadband internet network, the only one in Central America, which allows both terminal users and stores inside the airport navigate at high speed, and for free.

This innovative system, which has strict security protocols to safeguard user information, allows passengers to take advantage of their waiting time prior to the flight, which generates greater comfort during their stay. Additionally, it becomes a technological e-commerce tool for companies in favor of the recovery of the economy. A home has an average of 50 Mbps internet, while the terminal offers now visitors more than 1,000 Mbps of speed. This improvement in internet quality makes the Guanacaste terminal one of the most up-to-date in the region in terms of free internet connectivity and positions it among the first world airports, equating the quality and safety of the service.

For VINCI Airports, airports are places for living designed specifically for passengers. Our objective is to bring into being innovative and differentiating services with high added value. That’s why all airports within our network are engaged in a process of continuous progress to create digital services that meet its customers' expectations. This is also what we called #PositiveMobility!