VINCI Airports 30.07.2020

To improve the passenger journey, VINCI Airports is continuing to install e-gates within its airports’ network

After Lisbon Airport, which installed seven automatic e-gates at the start of the year, Kansai International Airport in Japan has equipped itself with 12 e-gates, offering a new and smoother passenger experience thanks to this innovative technology.

At KIX, travelers can now scan their boarding pass themselves to enter the airport security check area. Put into service this week, these twelve new gates are located at the border control points for international departures within Terminal 1.
These automatic doors will make it possible to manage passenger flows more fluidly and ensure an optimal, contactless and secure travel experience.
Like the entire VINCI Airports network, Kansai International Airport is committed to transforming and improving passenger flows and experience through the development of Fast Travel.