Sustainable development 18.06.2019

Japan: Kansai airports to replace plastic shopping bags with eco-friendly bags from April 2020

Kansai Airports Group, including Kansai International airport, Osaka International airport and Kobe airport, has developed “One Eco Airport Plan” in April 2018, aiming to achieve the vision of eco-friendly airport.

To reduce the environmental impact of the three Japanese airports, various initiatives have been promoted under four key principles: “Response to climate change”, “Resource usage”, “Harmonious coexistence” and “Environmental management”, in line with our global environmental strategy AirPact.

One of these initiatives concerns plastic shopping bags currently used in the duty-free and other retail shops which will be replaced starting from April 2020 with eco-friendly paper bags and bio-based bags. Reusable shopping bags will also be distributed to all Kansai airports staff members to reduce the use of plastic.
On top of the above initiative, other objectives include adopting renewable energy, switching the vehicles in the airports to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), but also sorting and minimizing wastes as well as recycling food waste.