Development 18.07.2019

London Gatwick airport: the plan to use both existing runways reaches a new milestone

London Gatwick airport today published the results of the public consultation on its master plan for expansion

This consultation showed strong support for expanding the airport's capacity by using existing infrastructure. Two-thirds of respondents said they were in favour of London Gatwick airport "making the best use of both runways". This master plan defines the way in which the airport could expand to meet growing demand and increase the long-term resilience of the airport over the coming 15 years.

This project would enable the airport to move to a new phase by:
  • Using new technologies to increase and improve the resilience of the main runway;
  • Optimising the existing standby runway by bringing it into routine use for years 2020;
  • Safeguarding land to accomodate the possible future addition of a new runway.
The capacity expansion at London Gatwick airport will optimise operational performance of the airlines, the main partners of VINCI Airports, and offer passengers a better experience and better services as part of our continuous improvement of services based on our customer-centric approach.
This ambitious and innovative plan will have a positive impact of the entire region, boosting the local economy, creating new jobs and strengthening the resilience of the London airport system as a whole.