Innovation 23.10.2021

Meet Secom, the security robot patrolling at Kansai international airport

Improving the passengers experience and ensuring their safety at the airport is a priority for VINCI Airports. In Japan, Kansai international airport has deployed an autonomous patrolling robot that joins the human security teams to ensure better and more efficient security operations.

Deployed end of October, the outdoor patrol robot 'Secom Robot X2' performs security and monitoring operations at Terminal 2 of Kansai International Airport (KIX) as well as at the airport railway station zones.
This innovative robot autonomously navigates patrol routes, using a laser sensor to identify its location, captures images with its in built-in camera and is also able of monitoring various areas.

Continuously innovating and proactively adopting state of the art technologies, VINCI Airports and Kansai Airports will continue to make every effort to provide a safe airport environment for all passengers.

It’s not the first time that airports operated by VINCI Airports in Japan introduce robot to improve the passenger experience. Indeed, since September, passengers at Kobe airport can chat with ten travel assistant robots that answer their questions, help finding the right way within the terminal but also advice on best food places according to their wishes.

No doubt that all those robots take the airport experience to a new level!