Exploitation 19.02.2021

Orlando Sanford International Airport successfully completed its emergency response procedures

VINCI Airports’ main priority is for everyone to travel and work safely by guaranteeing a high level of quality stringent standards and procedures. As required by the Federal Aviation Administration of Florida, USA, Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) held its triennial mass-casualty exercise in order to exercise and evaluate its emergency response procedures.

This very visual exercise simulated the crash of a Boeing 737 aircraft with 35 passengers and crew on the runway at the airport. The process not only involved a mock disaster site, but also activation of several phases of the Airport’s emergency functionality, including SFB’s Emergency Operations Center, Airport Operations, Communications teams, along with airport’s police and fire agencies.
“Orlando Sanford International Airport considers safety and efficient operations the highest priority. This mandate exercise allows us to practice and fine tune our capabilities” said Tom Nolan, Airport President and CEO. The exercise did not caused any delays or interruptions to normal Orlando Sanford International Airport operations.