VINCI Airports 14.02.2020

Osaka Itami to become Japan’s first major airport with groundwater treatment facility

A new groundwater treatment facility will start up at the end of the month at Osaka International Airport (ITAMI), member of VINCI Airports’ network since 2016. This new facility will help the airport secure a water supply source in times of crisis.

Water extracted from groundwater wells will be purified by the facility’s water treatment system including biofilteration equipment and reverse osmosis membranes. In normal times, the purified water will then be used in the airport’s facilities along with the water supply from the local municipality. And in the event that the municipal water supply is cut off due to a disaster, the facility will provide not only a reliable lifeline for the airport but also emergency drinking water to residents in the surrounding communities.

With this new facility, Osaka Itami will become the first major airport in Japan to use groundwater to meet passengers’ drinking water needs.

This world first initiative is in line with VINCI Airports’ commitment to develop smarter and more resilient infrastructures.

Gateway to the Kansai region and to Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto, Osaka Itami airport handled 16,5 million passsengers in 2019.