Innovation 20.07.2017

Outdoor robotic valets experimented in Lyon-Saint Exupéry for the first time in the world

Lyon Airports and Stanley Robotics signed a strategic partnership to deploy robotic valet technology in large outdoor car parks. An experimental phase will launch next September.

For the first time in the world, robots will park vehicles outdoors. For Lyon Airports, it is about offering Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport customers a simplified and totally different parking experience, while responding to the high rise in passenger traffic (9.5 million in 2016, up 9.8% compared to 2015). With this innovative technology, the car park will be able to accommodate 50% more vehicles. The robots can park vehicles close together without risk of damage, which means there is no need for more space. Passengers will be able to quickly drop off their car in a spacious dedicated area, right at the entrance to the car park. On their return journey the car will be waiting for them in the same place, ready to drive away.

The outdoor robotic valets will be deployed gradually from September 2017, as part of an experimental phase, in the long-stay P5 car park for Lyon Airports staff and the general public.

This experimentation follows on from the innovation strategy of VINCI Airports which is constantly developing useful services to improve passenger well-being and comfort by leveraging innovation from multiple sources, both within and outside.