Services 28.06.2018

Real-time passenger satisfaction evaluation system to be deployed at Las Américas airport

As part of VINCI Airports’ commitment to offering continuously a better passenger experience, Las Américas airport installed a new system which evaluates the satisfaction of the passengers in real-time, allowing airport staff to concentrate efforts in the right place at the right time to ensure the best customer experience.

This new system allows passengers to use any of the 38 consoles installed across 16 areas of the airport. The consoles are located at key points such as the security checkpoint, passport control and customs, as well as other areas of high use and transit such as bathrooms and the customer service desk.

While starting the implementation of an extended modernization and renovation plan, Las Américas airport is the first airport in the Dominican Republic to evaluate passenger satisfaction in real-time.

The implementation of this new service is in line with VINCI Airports' services strategy, which has the objective to constantly improve the quality of service of its network of airports. Thanks to IOT (Internet of Things), VINCI Airports' platforms around the world can collect and process real-time feedback sent by passengers. This technology is already deployed in Lyon, Nantes, Toulon, Chambéry and Grenoble airports and is soon to be deployed in the VINCI Airports network, including Japan, Cambodia and Portugal.