Services 04.06.2018

Santiago airport launches the 1st free digital library at an airport in Latin America

Over 21 million passengers that use Santiago airport each year, and they will be able to download for free more than 25000 books available in the catalogue of the Digital Public Library, in an unprecedented project in the region. Ministry of Cultures, the Arts and Heritage and Santiago airport inaugurated in May 2018 the first free digital library at an airport in Latin America

In a library of 25 square located in the domestic terminal, passengers can now download to their mobile devices, e- books that are part of the bibliographic catalogue of the Chilean Digital Public Library.

Users can directly access a collection that covers a wide range of themes, from contemporary universal literature, great classics, Chilean literature and poetry, children's literature. Current texts, comics, travel guides, etc.

The initiative, which is given within the framework of the National Reading Plan, has a bilingual collection that will allow foreign travelers not only to find out about Chile's tourist attractions, but also to access national authors in English language such as Isabel Allende, Alejandro Zambra or Pablo Neruda. The module has a total of 250 books to download completely free. In the module are exhibited 250 books that will be updated periodically to acquire the latest books that are going to the literary market.

Passengers can download these books both Chilean and foreign residents in the country using their passport numbers at the time of registration. Foreigners with limited stay in Chile will also be able to use this platform, who will have to use their passport number or ID card from the country of origin. BPDigital already has more than 200,000 users, who have access to a collection of more than 25.000 books.