VINCI Airports 14.08.2020

Serbia: State Secretary of the Serbian Ministry of Interior visits recently renovated border police station at Nikola Tesla Airport

On Monday 10th of August, the Serbian State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Biljana Popović Ivković, and Nicolas Brousse, VINCI Airports Chief Technical officer of Belgrade airport, visited the renovated premises of Nikola Tesla airport's border Police station.

Nicolas Brousse, representing VINCI Airports, insisted on the importance of these investments, which were also praised by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior: "In the future, police officers will work in modern conditions, worthy of the weight of the work they perform and equipped with the latest technology, which will certainly contribute to greater security".

Biljana Popović Ivković also stated that consequently to the renovations, members of the Border Police can make an even bigger contribution in ensuring the state border, the security and the safety of every citizen.

The renovation of the premises, covering approximately 147 square meters, is part of VINCI Airports ambition to provide travelers with the most comfortable, fluid and safe passenger experience. Hence starting the renovation projects of the Nikola Tesla Airport with the Border Police duty service. This project is the result of a fruitful partnership between the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and VINCI Airports.