VINCI Airports 08.04.2019

Smiling Day 2019: cultural and gastronomic heritage of the 12 network’s countries in the spotlight this year

The 7th edition of the "Smiling Day", which took place on the 5th and 6th April 2019 in the 46 airports of our VINCI Airports network, includes for the first time this year the airports of Belgrade in Serbia, Orlando in the United States and Liberia in Costa Rica.

In addition to conviviality and a cheerful atmosphere, this flagship event confirms VINCI Airports' commitment to offering passengers a unique quality of service, with the ambition of remaining attentive to its passengers and their expectations, as well as offering innovative services and an always more fluid and pleasant experience. This translates into a direct, smiling interaction between the staff operating the airports and the passengers traveling there. Thus, for one day, employees and partners of our platforms are mobilized to meet passengers and offer them a warm and personalized welcome.
This year's event was a success: more than 1,500 employees, regardless of their profession, welcomed 318,000 passengers flying in or out on 2,470 flights.
The 2019 edition was placed this year under the sign of the celebration of the territories served by the 46 airports of the network. The program in Belgrade (Serbia), Santiago de Chile, Liberia (Costa Rica) and Orlando-Sanford (USA), includes many gastronomic and cultural events, artistic performances and the presentation of artisanal creations. Kansai International Airport in Osaka has also set up this year a "Mizuhiki" workshop allowing to learn about the techniques of traditional knotting used to seal envelopes in Japan; in Lyon-Saint Exupéry, brioches with pralines were offered and a hiphop show was given by a troupe of "Pôle en scènes-Bron".
Finally, passengers had the opportunity to participate in a competition to win flights to the destinations and airports of the VINCI Airports network by posting their photo #SmilingDay19 on social media to win air tickets connecting airports from the VINCI Airports network or maiden flights.