Innovation 17.07.2018

VINCI Airports launches the Eelway service at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport

VINCI Airports, in partnership with Rhônexpress, introduced the Eelway luggage transfer service at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport on Monday, 16 July. Eelway picks up passengers' luggage on arrival and delivers it to their home or the address of their choice. The initiative is part of the VINCI Airports and VINCI Railways endeavour to continuously improve quality of service and the passenger experience.

Eelway frees passengers arriving at Terminal 2 from the hassle of managing and transferring their luggage between the airport and their home or hotel. The Eelway startup picks up passengers' luggage at the baggage claim and delivers it where they want, when they want, so they can leave the airport without it. The new service is also available to Rhônexpress passengers, who can travel to the centre of Lyon hassle-free.

The new service is designed to facilitate the passenger experience for business and leisure travellers by enabling them to save time and providing them with greater flexibility and peace of mind. The Eelway startup was detected during the VINCI Startup Tour in February 2016 and supported by the VINCI Airports teams at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport and the Rhônexpress light rail system. The initiative is part of the VINCI Airports open innovation programme designed to identify innovative solutions that improve the day-to-day passenger experience.