Services 13.05.2020

VINCI Airports puts in place new hygiene measures throughout its entire network of 45 airports

After a period of travel restrictions imposed to help stop the spread of Covid-19, the 45 airports operated by VINCI Airports across 12 countries are getting ready to re-open their doors to passengers.

In order to safeguard passengers, employees and partners, VINCI Airports has put in place new hygiene measures throughout its entire network. Set by the relevant authorities in each country, these measures include in particular managing flows of people, observing social distancing, providing personal protection equipment as well as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. In addition to the new hygiene practices put in place by airlines, these measures will make it possible to gradually reopen services in line with appropriate safety conditions.
To familiarise passengers with these changes, VINCI Airports has also rolled out a concerted campaign to raise awareness in all its airports: “Protecting each other”.