Sustainable development 12.06.2019

VINCI Airports, UNAF partner, celebrates the 10th edition of APIdays

On the occasion of the national bee days “APIdays 2019”, organized in partnership with Unaf, 7 French airports of the VINCI Airports’ network offer activities aiming to raise awareness on biodiversity issues from the 13th to the 15th of June.

In 2018, VINCI Airports joined the "Bee, Sentinel of the Environment" program of the National Union of French Apiculture (Unaf). Seven French airports of the VINCI Airports network host hives and carry out awareness activities aiming to raise awareness of biodiversity issues among travelers and airport stakeholders, on topics such as natural environments as well as fauna and flora protection.

In this context, 7 out of the 12 French airports of our network will celebrate this year the 10th edition of the national bee days, offering various activities, including visits of beehives, presentations of the beekeeper profession, "The life of the hive" exhibitions, workshops and educational games for children but also honey tastings among other activities. These activities will aim to educate passengers as well as airport stakeholders on the protection of bees and show the right actions to adopt to preserve this natural heritage.

This partnership is part of our environmental policy AirPact and illustrates the commitment of VINCI Airports in the preservation of biodiversity which plays an important role in our global strategy.