Exploitation 06.11.2020

VINCI Airports welcomes BelugaXL for the first time at Nantes Atlantique airport

VINCI Airports, which operates in France Nantes Atlantique airport since 2011, welcomed for the first time on its tarmac the BelugaXL, a high-capacity cargo aircraft and a key component in the Airbus supply chain. The works implemented by VINCI Airports thus supports the development of the local aviation industry.

In the continuity of its numerous relations with Airbus, and in order to meet the economic challenges of the region, VINCI Airports has taken charge of the works required for the arrival in Nantes, France, of the BelugaXL, a new generation Airbus cargo aircraft. The airport conducted the necessary studies and carried out the work, in close cooperation with the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC) and the Air Navigation Service, between July and the end of September this year.

The work consisted of reinforcing the parking area for the Beluga, by digging the surface to a depth of 1.50 m, then consolidating it by piling and compacting it. With a view to reducing the impact of this work on natural areas, VINCI Airports has deployed its virtuous environmental approach, characterized on this project by:

- the use of a surfacing made from 40% recycled materials;

- 100% reuse of the waste generated by this work;

- no new waterproofed surfaces.

Cyril Girot, Managing Director of Nantes Atlantique Airport - VINCI Airports, added: "Since 2011 in both Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, VINCI Airports has been making a long-term commitment within its territory to support the local aeronautics industry, which is the leading industrial sector in Pays de la Loire with 27,500 jobs spread between Airbus and its subcontractors. All of our teams are proud to have successfully completed this project, within the allotted timeframe, and to welcome today the first flight of the BelugaXL."