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  • Development 27.12.2018

    VINCI Airports to acquire the majority shareholding in London Gatwick Airport

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  • Belgrade
    Development 21.12.2018

    VINCI Airports completes financing for Belgrade air port concession and takes over operations

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  • Development 29.08.2018

    VINCI Airports finalizes the takeover of 8 airports in the United States, United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Sweden (Airports Worldwide portfolio)

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  • Development 23.04.2018

    VINCI Airports enlarges its network of airports in the United States, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Sweden

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  • Development 06.01.2018

    VINCI Airports selected as best bidder for the Belgrade airport (Republic of Serbia)

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  • Development 28.09.2017

    The concessionaire company formed by VINCI Airports, ORIX and Kansai Airports signs the Project Agreement for the concession of Kobe Airport

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  • Development 16.03.2017

    VINCI Airports wins the concession for Salvador’s airport in Brazil

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  • Development 01.04.2016

    VINCI Airports finalises the acquisition of the two Kansai airports in Japan and enters the world’s top five airports operators.

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  • Development 15.12.2015

    The concessionaire company formed by ORIX and VINCI Airports has signed the agreement for the concession of Osaka and Kansai International Airports (Japan)

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  • Development 14.12.2015

    VINCI Airports acquires the Dominican AERODOM company, which operates six airports in the Dominican Republic

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