Quality of service

VINCI Airports capitalises on the strength of its network and its experience in services for travellers to enhance the passenger experience in its airports.

Passengers: the first priority for VINCI Airports

For VINCI Airports, airports are places for living designed specifically for passengers. This client-centric approach can be seen in every one of the company's activity sectors: from renovation of infrastructure to ensure a more fluid passenger pathway to modernisation of furniture and signage for greater comfort and easier orientation, and including organisation of leisure and retail spaces to offer passengers a smooth, seamless experience. More than a simple stop-off to catch a plane, time spent in an airport in the VINCI Airports network should offer passengers the opportunity to live a unique experience in a well-designed, pleasant and relaxing environment. 

“We use digital to bring innovative and useful services to passengers while also developing activities in our airports ”

Chief Communication and Innovation Officer of VINCI Concessions & VINCI Airports

Continuous improvement inspired by a customer-centric approach

The airports in the VINCI Airports network are engaged in a process of continuous progress that makes the customer their number one priority.
VINCI Airports implements this approach by organising regular satisfaction surveys to measure the quality of its services, but also by striving to improve it every day by exploring new ideas. To best meet its passengers' needs, VINCI Airports has defined different ranges of modular equipment (signage, furniture, etc.), which the different airports can adapt and install according to the needs of their clientele, the local context and their investment plan. To respond to passengers' expectations, VINCI Airports acts at various levels: 

  • relations with the airline companies, to open or boost lines as a function of current or potential demand;

  • collaboration with partner retail operators to offer a range of services and shops adapted to all customer categories;

  • optimisation of flows during infrastructure works to minimise waiting times and maximise passengers' free time in the air terminal;

  • global improvement of the passenger experience in the terminals, through constant attention to the comfort of the furniture, the accessibility of services and signage clarity.

The service culture​

Optimising the passenger experience in airports also guarantees excellent relations between VINCI Airports staff, or that of its service providers, and travellers.

Every day, the airports in the VINCI Airports network welcome thousands of travellers from different backgrounds and parts of the world. This is why VINCI Airports makes accessibility a priority by providing infrastructure and appropriate services. Likewise, it seeks to develop a tailored service offer in each of its airports (play areas for children, distribution of basic necessities, etc.) so that each customer can enjoy the highest possible level of comfort.

Digital to serve the customer

VINCI Airports guarantees its passengers excellence of operations and irreproachable customer relations. To meet its objectives and differentiate itself through ever more innovative services, VINCI Airports focuses on using digital tools.

VINCI Airports strives to create digital services that meet its customers' expectations – this approach first took concrete form in 2015 with free, unlimited Wi-Fi access offered to passengers in its airports in France, Portugal and Cambodia. In 2016, this engagement was enshrined in an ambitious corporate strategy that makes digital both an essential service for passengers in the airport, and also a way of extending the relationship before and after their visit. This strategy is supported by gathering best practices in the airports and harnessing collective intelligence. Our objective is to bring into being innovative and differentiating services with high added value.

This is the context in which Aéroports de Lyon (ADL) acquired a 20% stake in the capital of the startup Kidygo. Supported by AirPulse, ADL's incubator, Kidygo offers a collaborative service for accompanying children flying alone, responding to a need that many airline companies do not meet. This new service should generate additional traffic for the Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport and is a valuable alternative to rail transport, currently the only solution for most families. This collaboration not only helps improve the customer experience – it also allows the company to gain better knowledge of the startup ecosystem, from the inside.