Responsible Human Resources management

VINCI Airports ensures that relations with employees, and their health and safety, are top priorities. This responsibility to employees is entirely consistent with VINCI’s core values, for which respect for people and ethical principles are a central concern.

Respecting ethical principles

The VINCI group is committed to continuously raising its levels of ethical conduct and transparency, which underpin its trust-based relationship with employees and customers. This is essential given that VINCI Airports is a major player in the airports industry. As such the Group has unified all of its rules for employee conduct and good practice into a single ethics charter. These fundamental principles are based on respect for people and the law, and the need to combat corruption and prevent conflicts of interest.

Employees may view this charter at any time. Each company department is structured to ensure that everyone respects these rules, with compliance checked by an internal auditing procedure.

Let’s talk about employee relations

The quality of employee relations is another important driver of overall company performance. VINCI Airports is proud of its commitment to promoting active dialogue with employee representative bodies, which it considers to be genuine partners in achieving the Group’s financial and social goals.

Professional equality 

VINCI Airports considers professional equality between women and men to be a major issue, a guarantee of social cohesion and economic and social progress.
 The overall score of 86 points out of 100 for VINCI Airports in 2022 reflects the pledges we have taken on gender equality.
 VINCI Airports reaffirms its willing to continue its actions in favor of gender equality with a special attention given to career development and equal pay.

The overall index of 86 is broken down by indicator as follows:

  • Pay gap: 36
  • Gap in the rate of individual increases: 35
  • Employees receiving a raise in the year they return from maternity leave: 15
  • Gender under-represented among the 10 highest paid: 0