A retail redesign for our Portuguese airports

This ambitious project has underlined the effectiveness of the VINCI Airports approach by delivering an impressively positive impact on non-air related revenue.

Terminal renovations at Lisbon, Porto and Madeira Funchal airports, completed in 2016, offered the opportunity to rethink the retail areas and introduce new brands and products and to create an ambiance specific to the local culture. Implemented in all three airports, the Porfolio shops make the best of Portugal available to travelers. 

Lisbon International Airport: persuasive outcomes

In 2014, VINCI Airports offered its partners an initial package of measures that boosted retail revenue by an impressive 27%.
The following year, the construction and redevelopment phases kicked off with the opening of a 1,555 m2 Food Court created by reducing the floor area dedicated to customs and security checkpoints without in any way compromising airport passenger capacity or flow. 
In 2016, two newly renovated terminals were opened during a three-day event at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon highlighting the fully redesigned customer journey.
In Lisbon, renovations included a new food court, repositioned and expanded security, expended check-in area, a single passenger flow through the facility and a more relaxing passenger experience with services and amenities located next to a central waiting area.

new international retailers
new shops and restaurants
growth in non-air related revenue

Other drivers of growth

As part of harmonizing passenger flows, the company is in the process of addressing an issue of traffic congestion and safety, as a result of which work has been carried out to improve the short-term car park access ramps. VINCI Airports is consulting with local stakeholders as part of this ongoing process. In Lisbon, the contracts with car rental companies have been renegotiated; as a result, the company has been able to boost its revenue by providing protection against the low-cost competitors that are springing up in the area around the airport.

Initiatives in other Portuguese airports