Supporting long-term growth in Cambodia

VINCI Airports, through its subsidiary Cambodia Airports, has developed and operated since 1995 the country’s 3 international airports, contributing to the economy and raising the Kingdom’s profile.

“Initiated 25 years ago, under a very pioneer Public-Private Partnership, our collaboration with Cambodian authorities carries on today and shows strong activity on a par with the fast-growing economic development. ”

Alain Brun, CEO Cambodia Airports

Socio-economic impacts of the airports

$2.7 B
contributed to the national economy, 17% of the country's GDP*
1.7 M
jobs or 20% of the working population*

*according to a study carried-out in 2015, the figures include direct, indirect, induced, and catalytic benefits of airports activity, and the impacts generated by other industries linked to the airports. 

Exemplary management

passengers in all 3 airports in 2019
Sihanoukville's passenger traffic growth in 2019
Siem Reap's traffic growth in 20 years

Ambitious programs of investment 

Designed to double the passenger capacity of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports, the extension and refurbishment projects were completed in 2016, demonstrating VINCI Airports' know-how from operations to design and construction. 
In 2018, Sihanoukville airport inaugurated its new terminal, featuring an 80% additional space, a new baggage handling system, and the full reconfiguration of the commercial with new boutiques and F & B outlets. 
In November 2018, a large-scale project to renovate the runway at Phnom Penh airport was completed: it now has a new surface and state-of-the-art ground lighting using LED technology. The $12 million project was carried out in the record time of seven months, with no interruption to traffic.
In 2019, works to extend Sihanouk airport's runway to 3,330 meters from the current 2,550 meters have been launched and so has the project for a new passenger terminal, scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.

Due to the expertise of  VINCI Airports teams, airports carry on operations during construction works

Inauguration of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports' new terminals in 2016

A dynamic and proactive approach to air traffic development

The marketing teams of VINCI Airports are committed to providing airlines the most appropriate routes and destination analysis, contributing to attracting new arlines and to increasing frequencies. In Cambodia, supporting tourism -  is one of the main priorities, including:

  • organizing Fam Trips for tour operators - in order to boost traffic in Siem Reap (which serves the Angkor temple Heritage site), Sihanoukville (an increasingly popular coastal resort) and in Phonm Penh 
  • roadshows in India, Indonesia and the Philippines to promote Cambodia as a tourist destination in new markets

Aiming at the domestic market likewise:

  • Cambodians now account for 20% of all passenger traffic
  • still dominated by textiles, cargo operations now include imports of technology products

Tailoring the retail offer to meet a broad diversity of customer expectations

Infrastructure development is complemented with the improvement of the quality of service and airport experience. The challenge is to offer the kind of services expected of major Asian airports, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. To do so, without compromising the subtle balance, the facilities blend international brands and local ones with the aim at creating a strong sense of place.


“ We have to strike the right balance between essential international names, luxury duty free and Cambodian brands. ”

Hervé Bonin, Phnom Penh airport Genenal Manager

Beyond the runway

Created to perpetuate and revitalize traditional Khmer crafts, Artisans Angkor is a social enterprise employing 1120 people and generating a livelihood for around 5,000 families. Cambodia Airports and VINCI Airports support this organization in a number of different ways:

  • by providing ressources both in funding and expertise 
  • by providing business opportunities (outlets at the airports and involving Artisans Angkor in major decoration projects) 
Excavations at Siem Reap airport in 2014