10 reasons to join VINCI Airports

10 reasons
to join VINCI Airports

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If you are passionate about the airline industry and the airport sector in particular, VINCI Airports is for you! There are numerous professions related to airport management and the sector’s constant renewal regularly gives rise to new occupations. There is a vast range of jobs related to airport management.

––––– There are four large professional families: operations, technical, marketing and business development, risk management and prevention. In addition, there are several support functions required for the proper functioning of any airport (human resources, financial management, communications, etc.).

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The richness of VINCI Airports’ network

Our network of 35 airports, including 13 in France, 10 in Portugal, 3 in Cambodia, 1 in Chile; 2 in Japan and 6 in the Dominican Republic, enables the sharing of experiences, mutual support and team spirit.

––––– In 2012, VINCI Airports provided advisory and technical assistance to United Airports Georgia (UAG) for the opening of a new airport. This mission brought together employees from Grenoble-Isère, Chambéry-Savoie and Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airports and the headquarters from various fields, including runways, passengers, airport infrastructure, operations, traffic, avian hazards, certifications, safety, recruitment, training, marketing and communications.

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International dimension

VINCI Airports’ international locations offer employees the opportunity to work closely with teams from different countries. VINCI Airports’ HR policy is particularly focused on the process of integrating local teams, in full respect of the country’s culture.

Spending three years in Cambodia with Cambodia Airports helped me to understand the richness of a new culture and learn to adapt my work methods to a new workplace environment, a very exciting experience. Tanguy Bertolus, VINCI Airports Technical Director

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VINCI Airports’ values are strengths for achieving our ambition to be an international benchmark in airport management: a spirit of entrepreneurship and initiative, transparency, realism and excellence. Our company’s approach is based on these values, while taking into account the specific conditions of each of our sites.

––––– In Rennes, VINCI Airports organizes a monthly meeting with the public authority to review the needs of the airport. "The airport manager can create their own forums for dialogue to increase consultation and ensure continuous dialogue," says Thierry Ligonnière, formerly President of Rennes and Dinard airports, now Chief Operating Officer of ANA Portugal.

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Women’s place in VINCI Airports

VINCI Airports’ strong commitment to promoting gender equality is clearly evident at its headquarters and airports. There are numerous professions in our airports performed by both men and women, with more female than male operating managers across all of our sites.

40 %
In 2012, women represented 40% of VINCI Airports’ workforce
(49% among executives).

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Skills development

In addition to the experience acquired by employees through their studies or in the field, VINCI Airports offers all employees training and opportunities to share best practices related to their profession, contributing to each employee’s personal and professional development.

––––– In 2012, the VINCI Airports Academy was created to provide a diverse range of training for all VINCI Airports employees, at airports and headquarters.

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Mobility opportunities

For those interested, the airports managed by VINCI Airports in France and Cambodia (and soon in Portugal) provide employees with opportunities for geographical mobility. In addition, the diversity of professions and countries in which VINCI Group operates also means many opportunities for professional mobility within its various subsidiaries.

After six years with VINCI Autoroutes, I sought an overseas position and went to Cambodia where I spent four wonderful years, on a professional, human and family level. When I wanted to return to France in 2011, I came to Grenoble-Isère airport. Etienne Lefort, Director of the Grenoble-Isère airport since 2012

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Our airports are the source of many innovative processes enabling performance improvements in customer and client satisfaction. In promoting site-deployed innovations and expanding their application throughout the entire airport network, VINCI Airports ensures that innovation is central to its growth.

––––– In 2013, Nantes Atlantique Airport received the Special Discovery Award as part of the 2013 edition of the VINCI Innovation Awards for its "Live my life," program as part of the Smiling initiative.

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Profit sharing

VINCI's policy is to share the benefits of its growth with employees through measures adapted to the context and laws of each country. In France, this policy takes the form of profit sharing and participation as well as employee share ownership. VINCI is committed to helping employees take part in the ownership of its capital through a share savings plan incorporating a matching benefit policy, with advantage given to more modest investments.

––––– As of the end of 2013, 112,500 employees, or nearly 60% of VINCI’s workforce, were shareholders through its employee savings plans.

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VINCI’s size

Joining VINCI means becoming part of a community of 185,400 employees involved in the plans and achievements of the world's leading construction and concessions company and contributing to the achievement of projects that illustrate the Group’s synergies.

––––– The design and construction of the new Dushanbe international airport terminal in Tajikistan combines the airport project management expertise of VINCI Airports with the designer-builder skills of VINCI Construction Grands Projets.

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