Preserving biodiversity and natural environments

As VINCI Airports is keenly aware of the importance and fragility of natural ecosystems, it takes action to preserve them by actively protecting biodiversity and responsibly managing water consumption.

Because we take greater care of the things we know and understand, we regularly draw up inventories of the wildlife living on and around our infrastructure, with support from local scientists and organisations.

Throughout its worldwide network, VINCI Airports carries out inventories and awareness-raising campaigns, and forges partnerships with various associations. In accordance with the Avoid/Reduce/Offset approach, we use the knowledge acquired through this process to optimise the way we design our projects to avoid any biodiversity loss, orient the implementation of offsetting measures where necessary and shape our campaigns to raise awareness among users and school children.

Taking action on the field

Our objective: to eliminate the use of phytosanitary products

We aim to eliminate the use of pesticides to maintain our infrastructure by 2025. Consequently, the VINCI Airports network has continued trialling alternative mechanical solutions, conservation grazing, and new ways of sowing seeds to control vegetation around our airports.
35 airports in our network have already reached their goal of using zero pesticides to maintain green spaces through alternative solutions such as targeted grazing.

Partnerships to protect biodiversity

With around 70% of our airport platforms composed of natural environments, preserving biodiversity is one of VINCI Airports' priorities. VINCI Airports conducts inventories and awareness-raising campaigns throughout its worldwide network of airports, and forges partnerships with various associations. For example, VINCI Airports and the airports in its network have ratified the Buckingham Declaration and joined the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, an international partnership to combat species trafficking.

In France, VINCI Airports and the Union Nationale de l'Apiculture Fran├žaise (UNAF) are partners in the "Bees, guardians of the environment" program. VINCI Airports is also a partner of the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (LPO), as at Grenoble airport, which has a diversified fauna at the heart of the airport, and has set up a biodiversity zone (beehives, compost, insect house).


Reducing water consumption

VINCI Airports is committed to protecting water resources by reducing our consumption. To achieve this, in addition to raising awareness among our teams and passengers, we are improving monitoring and leak detection everywhere.

  • Objective: 50% less water consumption by 2030
  • Results: 6.3% reduction in water consumption per traffic unit since 2018